Materials Today and Rice University are proud to present the first “Materials Today: The Future of Materials Science in the Next Two Decades” workshop.

Materials science is not only one of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving scientific disciplines, but also one that stands at the forefront of modern technology, spanning every facet of 21st-century life. This unique event will bring together leading researchers, spanning the field of materials science and engineering, to present and discuss cutting-edge research with other experts in the field, exchanging ideas to advance current understanding toward the future of materials science.

As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Materials Today, the workshop will focus on the next two decades, comprising four key themes:

  • Next-Generation Manufacturing
  • Next-Generation Integrated and Embedded Sensors
  • Biomaterials and Soft Active Materials
  • Materials and Data Science

Each session will be led by Rice pioneers in the area, with top speakers from across the field of materials science. Confirmed invited speakers include: Long-Qing Chen (Penn State), Joseph M. DeSimone (University of North Carolina), Nick Glavin (AFRL), William Herbert (Carpenter Technology), Kam Leong (Columbia University), Benji Maruyama (AFRL), Meyya Meyyappan (NASA), John Rogers (Northwestern University), Tobias A. Schaedler (HRL Laboratories), Doris A. Taylor (Texas Heart Institute), and Priya Vashishta (USC), with more to be announced soon.

The inaugural Materials Today ‘Rising Star Awards’ will also be presented at the workshop: four winners will receive a cash prize of USD1000 and the opportunity guest-edit an issue of Materials Today. Please submit your nomination by 17th August 2018 at www.materialstoday.com/rising-stars-2018.

In addition to talks by leading researchers, the workshop will also feature the presentations of the Materials Today ‘Embracing Challenge Award’ and a Materials Today ‘Materials in Society Lecture’

The fee for this two-day event is $100: please click the Register Here button at the top right of this screen to register.

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